Food Preservation

Over the past couple years my mom, aunt and I have become a lot more interested in food preservation.  Partly because we’ve become more aware of what we’re eating, and like to know where it’s coming from.  Partly because we live on a farm, and that’s kind of what people on farms are supposed to do.  Also, there has been a lot going on in the world that makes us think that being prepared for whatever comes our way, a job loss, natural disaster, or change in the world that requires us to live off the land a little more, isn’t a bad thing.  We’ve been doing quite a bit of research and hands on experimenting.  We have finally gotten over our fear of the pressure canner, and now own three of them.  We like to do much of our preserving together, as it is always easier with an extra set of hands.  My mom is the canner.  Most of what she preserves is in a jar, my aunt is the dehydrator.  She cans quite a bit too, but she is very into dehydrating.  I am the freezer.  I can too, but I am especially fond of my vacuum sealer.  We figure this way we have a wider variety of types of food.  With our experimenting we find that one person or one family prefers one type of thing over another, so we often swap food around.  For example, my mom didn’t care for canned corn, so this year she froze her corn and gave me all her left over jars.  My mom makes zucchini salsa and I make a tomato salsa, then we switch a few jars around for variety.  We are by no means experts at food preservation, but we are learning as we go, and are happy to share what we learn.

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