I have tried to grow tomatoes for the past three years.  The first two years I planted them in half wine barrels outside our shop.  They did wonderfully until they started to get ripe and the deer ate them all.  This year I got smart, and had my dad plant them in the big garden at the farm, that is surrounded by deer and rabbit fence.  They did wonderfully, except we had used a piece of hog panel for them to grow up, and the plants got bigger than the panel and started falling over.  We lost some tomatoes because they got buried on the ground.  We enjoyed fresh tomatoes during our prolonged summer.  We even had enough to make salsa without having to buy tomatoes.  When the rainy weather hit, my mom and I decided to pick what was left and see what happened.  We knew if there was a little bit of red starting to develop they would continue to ripen, but weren’t sure about complete green ones.  I found a bunch of green ones and thought I’d at least try making fried green tomatoes or something.  To our surprise, they ripened.  Every few days I’d throw the ripened ones in the freezer, and one of these days I’ll whip up some homemade spaghetti sauce.


Mom’s tomatoes

My tomatoes.  I’m now down to about 5 that are still ripening

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