Laundry Soap

I’ve been making my own laundry soap for over a year now.  It’s the liquid kind that the recipe has been floating around for a while now.  The one with Fels Naptha, washing soda and borax, then you add water.  I’ve been fairly happy with it, but Kyle said it wasn’t getting the grease out of his jeans.  He was right, it wasn’t, even when I added Oxi Clean.  My answer was to stop getting grease on his pants.  His answer was that I should buy some Tide.  He won.  I hate paying 10-20 dollars for laundry soap.  Especially when one day’s worth of work clothes is a load.  I found a recipe a few weeks ago on Pinterest, yes, I love pinterest….For a powdered form, with some different ingredients.  So far, I’ve been really happy with it.  I am putting it to the test this morning with a pair of jeans I found in the laundry room.  When I find them in the laundry room, I know they’re bad.  That means he didn’t even want to wear them in the house!  I think he crawled in a pipe in them.  Yes, literally, a pipe with mud and water.  I should have taken a picture of them for your viewing pleasure, but I don’t usually think about taking my camera out to the laundry room when doing laundry.  If it leaves the residual mud in the washer that it often does, I’ll take a picture for you.  Some day, I will have two washers and dryers.  One for him, one for me.  I am tired of having white shirts with brown stains on them!

Anyway, I’ll let you know how the laundry soap does.  If it is successful, I’ll post the recipe.  If it works, I may just cry a little though, as I just bought a new bottle of Tide….

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