Dehydrating Onions

Every year my dad grows potatoes and onions and every year they go bad before I ever use them.  (I don’t really have a good place to store them that stays an even cool temperature.)  I had my box of onions sitting in the shop for a while, which I don’t think was appreciated by Kyle, so I finally had to do something with them.  I thought about chopping them up and freezing them, as I do that quite frequently, but wanted to try something different.

I decided to try dehydrating instead.  I forgot to take pictures….Please forgive me….Next time, I promise!

I cut the onions in half, then sliced them in fairly thin slices.  I laid them on the dehydrator, turned it on to 135 degrees and let it do its’ thing until they were dry.  I turned a box of onions, probably 10-15 pounds, into a gallon size ziploc bag of dried onions.  (And that is what I love about dehydrating!  It’s a total space saver!)

Please note, drying onions produces a horrible smell, so I highly suggest not doing it in your house.  If you can dry them on the porch, or the garage, or fa,r far away from your house, do it.  I do all my drying in my laundry room, in the shop, which works fine as long as my husband doesn’t have to go in the shop.  Then he realizes that the laundry room reeks like BO from my onions!  (I know, a strange smell to come from onions, but it was kind of nasty.)  It did go away, after a week or two, of leaving the door open.

So, on that note, happy drying!

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