More vacuum sealing

I like to stock up on vacuum sealed meals when I have time to actually cook, then they’re ready for when I don’t have time.  Rocket science huh?  The past couple weeks I’ve been trying to cook some “real” meals and put the extra in the freezer.  I could have done this sooner, but we had a chest freezer and it was full to the gills, and everything kept getting lost.  Well, I finally traded in the chest for an upright, which has rocked my world!  I LOVE being able to actually see what’s in it.  It’s in our laundry room, which is in our shop.  Sometimes when I go out to do laundry, I just open the door and stare at all the stuff in the freezer that I can actually find.  Amazing!  Last week I made a batch of chili and made some meat loaf.  Today I finally had time to seal them up.  (Don’t worry, they haven’t been rotting in the fridge all week.  I put them in the freezer right after serving them!)

My collection to be sealed

Ready for the freezer

Oh, it’s beautiful!  Only slightly unorganized!

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