Freezing Zucchini

A couple weeks ago I was swimming in zucchini.  I then started swimming in pumpkin activities on the farm and am just sitting down to tell you about zucchini.  I even remembered to take pictures.  I even figured out how to download pictures from my phone to my computer.  Hey!  Things are looking up!

  This is what I found in my car on multiple occasions.  Thanks dad!  I started by washing the zucchini. Then I hooked up my favorite contraption.  My kitchen is extremely small, which is why I do all my canning at my mom’s house.  However, I try to prep all my food for freezing and drying at my house.  Due to the size of my kitchen, I love that my kitchen aid is multi-functional.  Next I cut the zucchini into chunks.   I put the chunks in the kitchen aid and turn it on a slow speed.  Not the slowest, but a couple notches faster than the slowest.  You don’t want it to go crazy, but you don’t want it to not grate.     I found if I go a little bit slower the zucchini separates a little better than if I go too fast.     Once I get a bowl full of shreds I start measuring it out.  I usually do 2 or 4 cup increments, since that is what my zucchini bread recipe calls for.     I measure the zucchini into plastic containers and push it down a little bit.  (I like to pre-freeze everything before I vacuum seal it.  I find it gives me more uniform cubes to put in the freezer and it keeps all the liquid from coming out when I vacuum it.)  I put it in the freezer over night, or until I have a chance to seal it.  Sometimes I’ll wait a few days until I have a collection of items, then get the vacuum sealer out and do them all at once.

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