Freezing Beans

I’m beginning to fear going to work, or going to visit my parents.  They live right next door, so avoiding them is rather difficult, but every time I go to the farm, I find a big box of produce outside my car when I leave.  I suppose this is a good thing, but when I have to figure out what to do with the never ending supply of fruit and vegetables, sometimes I wish I could just stay home.  Last week I found a box of plums along with a box of oversized zucchini and a bunch of beans.  Monday I finally dealt with the beans.  I have a confession to make, I am obsessed with my vacuum sealer.  All summer long I have been vacuum sealing anything and everything.  I will write another post on that another day.  For now, I’ll stick to the beans.  After canning and freezing a ton of beans already this year, my mom finally refused to let my dad bring any more home, which is why I have been blessed with his gift.  I did two big batches, one last week and one this week.  Here’s what I did:

1. I borrowed a pot from my mom, that I think is made for blanching.  It has a nifty basket that goes in it.

2. I cut the ends off the beans, and since some were a good 8 inches long, I cut them into more manageable pieces.  I’m sure I was probably supposed to wash them before I did that, but I figured they were getting dumped in boiling water, so they would get sterilized that way.

3.  I dumped them in boiling hot water, which is called blanching.  (it helps them last longer, kills the bad stuff, and makes them turn a pretty bright green color.)  I set the timer for 2 minutes.

4. When the timer went off, I pulled out the basket, let it drain, and dumped the beans into a bowl of ice water.  I stirred them around and let the set for a few minutes until they were cool.

5. I put them in a plastic container and put them in the freezer.  (I freeze everything before I vacuum seal it.  My sealer doesn’t like to do anything that has moisture in it, so I find it’s easier to freeze it first.  Plus if it’s anything with liquid it it, I can shape it into a nice square shape that stacks better in the freezer.)

6. After the beans were frozen, I put them into vacuum sealer bags and sealed them up.  (I recently found pint size vacuum sealer bags.  They are my new favorite.  My husband doesn’t like most vegetables, so I like to make individual size servings.)

Sorry I don’t have any pictures of the beans.  I didn’t think about taking any.

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